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Seeds in Chernobyl: the database on proteome response on radioactive environment Stiahnuť súbor seeds-in-chernobyl-the-database-on-proteome-response-on-radioactive-environment.pdf 347.53 KB

Mgr. Martin Hajduch, PhD, príspevok v zahraničnom časopise

Two serious nuclear accidents during the last quarter century (Chernobyl, 1986 and Fukushima, 2011) contaminated large agricultural areas with radioactivity. The database “Seeds in Chernobyl” ( contains the information about the abundances of hundreds of proteins from on-going investigation of mature and developing seed harvested from plants grown in radioactive Chernobyl area. This database provides a useful source of information concerning the response of the seed proteome to permanently increased level of ionizing radiation in a user-friendly format.

Ústav genetiky a biotechnológií rastlín SAV, 2012

Všeobecná biológia, Genetika

Pridané: 1. 7. 2014

Soybeans Grown in the Chernobyl Area Produce Fertile Seeds that Have Increased Heavy Metal Resistance and Modified Carbon Metabolism Stiahnuť súbor soybeans-grown-in-the-chernobyl-area-produce-fertile-seeds-that-have-increased-heavy-metal-resistance-and-modified-carbon-metabolism.pdf 1.61 MB

Mgr. Martin Hajduch, PhD, príspevok v zahraničnom časopise

Plants grow and reproduce in the radioactive Chernobyl area, however there has been no comprehensive characterization of these activities. Herein we report that life in this radioactive environment has led to alteration of the developing soybean seed proteome in a specific way that resulted in the production of fertile seeds with low levels of oil and b-conglycinin seed storage proteins.

Ústav genetiky a biotechnológií rastlín SAV, 2012

Všeobecná biológia, Genetika

Pridané: 1. 7. 2014

DROUGHT AS ONE OF MAJOR FACTORS INFLUENCING SUCCESSION OF CARABID COMMUNITIES IN THE FORESTS DAMAGED BY THE WIND CATASTROPHE IN HIGH TATRA IN 2004 Stiahnuť súbor drought-as-one-of-major-factors-influencing-succession-of-carabid-communities-in-the-forests-damaged-by-the-wind-catastrophe-in-high-tatra-in-2004.pdf 1.35 MB

Ing. Zbyšek Šustek, CSc., príspevok v zborníkoch z medzinárodných konferencií

Analysis of two trends in succession of Carabid communities in Hihg Tatra after windfall of 2004. One results from the momentary state and management of sites. Other reflects with about one year delay fluctuations of wheather in growing seasons

Ústav zoológie SAV, 2012

Meteorológia a klimatológia, Ekológia, Environmentálny manažment, Synekológia, Ochrana a využívanie krajiny, Všeobecná biológia, Zoológia, Entomológia, Ostatné príbuzné odbory lesníckych vied

Pridané: 17. 12. 2012

On the influence of seasonal aspects on structure and dyna-mics of Sarcophagidae (Diptera) in a drained lowland forest Stiahnuť súbor on-the-influence-of-seasonal-aspects-on-structure-and-dynamics-of-sarcophagidae-diptera-in-a-drained-lowland-forest.pdf 1.52 MB

Ing. Zbyšek Šustek, CSc., príspevok v domácom časopise

Characteriscs of changes in preconnubial aggregations of Sarcophagidae in a floodplain forest

Ústav zoológie SAV, 1998

Ekológia, Synekológia, Ochrana prírody, Všeobecná biológia, Zoológia, Entomológia

Pridané: 28. 8. 2009